New User Notification WITHOUT Approval

It’s clear that the admin would receive notification once per day that there are new users awaiting approval, but what if we don’t want to approve users but still want to be notified when they register?

Is this enabled somewhere and I missed it or can it be easily added?


p.s. or is there any plan to let admins create users…then this is moot for us.

Sorry I am not following? Why don’t you decline the users if you don’t want to approve them? Why do the need to be in pending approval forever?

Sorry I wasn’t clear. We are using SSO to validate users from our
website with those credentials so we don’t approve them on discourse,
they are already “approved” but we would like to know when they first
visit and become “new users”.

I use the admin/users/new list to see which users are visiting the forum for the first time.

Same thing as you, since we have an SSO set.

That list is good, an e-mail option would be better.

You can add a new forum users section on your website that consumes

Hi, do you have any solution for that topic.
We are using SSO so we don’t need to approve new user
BUT a team member has to check if the new registrated user needs an extendet group. For example the Teamleader should be able to see more. So one of our members needs to know when somebody registered. Also the registered User needs a notification when the group has changed.

Do you have any idea?