Redirect a deleted topic to another topic?

Is it possible to redirect a deleted topic so that the user gets to another page instead to the missing page-view?

e.g. t/xxx to t/yyy

I have tried the redirect function but it doesn’t seem to work (although it works for redirecting a deleted category to a tag). I.e.

c/66 to eg. category_id 2 works.


Did you test the redirect using a test user or as your admin account? The admin would have access to the deleted topic so would land on that, but a regular user should follow the redirect you’ve set up in permalinks. :crossed_fingers:



Tested as not logged user - ends up in the “Page not found”-view.

Admin - ends up like you say on the deleted topic.

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If you add the redirect in this format it should work:


Hmm… Couldn’t get it to work… But then I found out something strange - it seems that Chrome caches redirects? Because when I changed browser then it seems to work… investigating some more…

OK! Figured it out.

If the topic is in a private / non-public category, then redirects seem to be “stopped”. When I moved the deleted topic back to the public category and deleted it from there, then redirect worked…


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