Redirect to original URL after Google login

I believe this is a bug, apologies if it’s not - I’m new here.

We have the exact same issue as this bug report from 3 years ago: Redirect to requested URL after SSO
where when a user clicks on a link to a specific topic but is not logged in: he get’s redirected to the login page and after login in with Google SSO is redirected to the forum’s home page and not back to the original topic.

To reproduce:

  1. enable login required
  2. copy url of a topic
  3. log out
  4. paste url of a topic
  5. log in with Google SSO
  6. you are on the home page

Can it be that this is a regression and it broke again somehow?



This is not SSO related, it is social login related. We should fix it, but it is very specific to social login, does not apply to

  • SSO
  • native login

at all

OK, sorry if I miscategorized this.
Is there an open topic on this? is there any development planned?

It’s all good, it’s in the right place as a bug and will be fixed.

@codinghorror’s comment was in relation to the old post. Your issue is different in that it relates to social logins, not SSO.


This is now fixed :apple:


OK @Phil.Dexter can you grab latest code and confirm that this looks fixed on your end?

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Amazing! It’s fixed.