Redirecting invited users to a topic in a restricted category

This is a small thing but I just tried to set up an invite link which would:

  • Add users to a specific group
  • Redirect them to a topic in a category that is only visible to that group

This isn’t possible because topics in this category don’t appear in the autocomplete/search list in the create-invitation modal. I understand why this is the case because you wouldn’t want to redirect new users to a topic they can’t access, but it would be useful in our setting.

If you were going to make this possible (e.g. include restricted categories if the invite will add the user to the correct group) something to think about in the implementation would be what happens if the auto-add-group field is later changed? In that case it would probably make sense to also remove the auto-redirect-to-post value, but the user probably needs a warning.