Arrive at topic does not allow searching for topics from restricted categories when creating an invite

So, I’m creating a new invite link, and I’m adding to group secret that has access to category Secret. Now, I cannot choose a topic from Secret category in the Arrive at topic dropdown, even though logically I should be able to do so.

I’ve given this a test-run and it appears the ‘private’ topics don’t show up in the invite topic search whether you have the group set or not. It’s a little similar to this topic Category (Search Priority Ignore) globally affect searches, though in this case the category hasn’t been marked as ‘ignore’. However, the workaround is similar:

The repro:

  • Create Private group
  • Create Private Category, with permissions for See|Reply|Create set for Private group only
  • Create Private topic in Private category
  • Create admin invite:
    • Paste Private Topic link into ‘Arrive at topic’
    • Select ‘Private’ group for ‘Add to groups’
    • Save invite
  • Use invite with existing test user - user follows link and is added to the Private group, and lands on the correct topic

So I just have to put the URL of the topic in the dropdown list manually. Okay this worked, thanks.

Still, I suggest this topic remains open as it’s something that can be improved/fixed.


I think it would be more intuitive to have the topics come up in the search too. It may be more suited to #ux than #bug as it perhaps can’t be considered ‘broken’, but I’ll let someone else make the call on that one. :slight_smile:

And, just as an added bonus workaround, you can also get the ‘Arrive at topic’ prepopulated by using the :link: Share button at the bottom of the private topic and accessing the invites from there. :+1:

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