Refresh button DOES NOT Automatically redirect to the external login system


I’ve enabled the ‘auth immediately’ feature in the login. However, I’ve noticed that when two tabs are open and I log out from one of them, the second one prompts for a refresh.

Current behavior: It redirects the user to

Expected behavior: Automatically redirect to the external login system.

I get redirected to the home page. (So on this site. But it’s also working the same way on the other Discourse sites I’ve tested.) Maybe there’s a setting on your site that causes this behavior?

You might have the anonymous user feature enabled. In my situation, only authenticated users are granted access to the forum content. Therefore, after refreshing the page, the external login system should appear, not the home page.

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Hello and welcome @Celso_Teixeira :slight_smile:

I spotted you resubmitted this as a bug report. Rather than have two of the same I’ve recategorised this first one. :+1: (and given it a little bump by replying :slight_smile:)