Refresh-after-logout goes to homepage

Repro path (Safari, Mac OS):

  • In Tab.A, go to a community URL (e.g.
  • Open a new tab, Tab.B
  • In Tab.B, log out
  • In Tab.B, log back in (in my case, using Google Oauth)
  • Switch to Tab.A
  • You’ll get a notification that you are logged out, with a big “refresh” button.
  • Click the button

Expected behaviour

Actual behaviour

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The reason for filing this is that it is a proper annoyance when you’re testing with different users and want to see how they see certain things. Makes you constantly switch (using different browser profiles would help I guess)

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hmmm … I am a maybe on this.

Cause if you are on a page you have no permission to access then the refresh will result in an error, so we would have to account for that, which is complicated.

I think if you are doing this kind of stuff use multiple browsers or profiles. That is the way to go.


But that’s exactly what I want to test :upside_down_face:

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But alright, since this is now labeled as a feature instead of a bug. Can you at least rename the button? That way I can manually refresh the URL instead of being tricked :slight_smile: