Refresh vote counts

Currently on Replit Ask many TL3s are running out of votes and since the team can only work so fast they are not getting more votes anywhere near quick enough. So we would like a setting to make it so the number of votes users have is on a rolling 24-hour period just like edits, likes etc.


That’s precisely why there is a vote limit :smile:

The idea is that people are conscious about the votes scarcity and will spend those wisely. If a higher priority item shows up, they will need to remove a vote from a lower priority item to spend it on the new high priority one.

Adding more votes every day would effectively turn it limit-less and dilute the signal of votes, making it worthless as an information source for projects. And you can also accomplish the same end-goal by increasing voting_tl3_vote_limit proportionally to your desired backlog size.


That is very true. Though we dont want to increase the amounts too much to prevent spam voting and not keeping the backlog low. Since the team is currently focusing on bug reports it seems likes these topics are not being closed often

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