Daily-limit mode for Voting Plugin

Continuing the discussion from Discourse Voting:

Currently, the Voting plugin works on an “allocate your requests” model. That is, you have a limited number of votes which you can move around.

There are use cases for this, like a Feature Suggestions category where you want to make users consider what they really care about the most. Like, if that were available here, I would definitely use it to weight all of these various suggestions and wishes I’m full of. :slight_smile:

There are other cases, like a question and answer forum, where it’d be nice to have a model more like Stack Exchange: give users a certain number of votes per day (per trust level), but have no overall limit.

I know one can use Likes for this, but 1) they’re less obvious, 2) there’s not a "Most Liked’ topic list view (is there?), 3) they’re not as obvious, and 4) most of the reasons for having separate voting from the origin of the feature.

I am currently just giving 1,000,000 votes to higher TL users. That’s fine, but feels… inelegant.


Yes! It would be really useful if you could get more votes within a specific time period - we have a community for a software product, so it might make sense to have a certain number of votes per month.

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I knew someone surely had the same question :slight_smile:

One of our users pointed it out as well and I was a bit surprised that this is how it works.

Having it as a monthly limit makes so much more sense.