Regarding Automatic Post Removals

Quite confused regarding automatic post removals, as I understand it’s

  • A post with 3 flags will be automatically hidden. Users may click-to-view the post (Where would this be in the settings as I can’t seem to find it)

  • A new (TL0) user whose post is flagged as spam 3 times from 3 different users will have all their posts hidden as a result

  • Hiding post sensitivity is set to Medium (What does post sensitivity mean? and how would I access this in the settings?)

  • 5 flaggers need to close a topic – but a low sensitivity that the likelihood that a flagged topic will be automatically closed

Could use some clarification on the first and third bullet point.

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It depends on who’s doing the flagging, trusted users with more accepted flags have more weight to their flags: User Reputation and Flag Priorities

Is your intention to disable this? if that’s the case, it’s been requested before but I don’t think it ever ended up being implemented: Prevent content hidden by flags from being viewed

Right, they’re “silenced” this is controlled by the settings num users to silence new user and silence new user sensitivity

Sensitivity (in this case the hide post sensitivity setting) adjusts how much “flag weight” is required to hide the post. With “high” sensitivity, less “flag weight” is required to hide a post. This could mean fewer overall flags, or flags from users with less flagging reputation, could hide the post.

You can choose low/medium/high sensitivity, but you can’t adjust the sensitivity levels more specifically than that without a custom plugin.

So in this case, if 1 user with a good flagging reputation flags a topic… it won’t automatically be closed until 5 unique users flag it, because num flaggers to close topic is set to 5.

A lot of this is also further clarified in Discourse Moderation Guide

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I think that is the way it is now


How much control can I have over the trust levels/flag weighting?

yea posts hidden by flags are viewable only by staff now, basically no different than deleted posts. but should still be reviewed and processed for accurate flag stats. i’ve had to tell my mods that ignoring a flag instead of accepting it skews the actual user flag stats.

@N3DSDude - there is some info on flag scoring and related trust level settings here in the moderator guide

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