Is there an ideal amount of flags to set before a post is hidden?

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Just wondering based on your experience of this feature if there is an ideal amount of flags which can be used before a post is hidden?

I was thinking of setting it to 3 flags, but just wanted to check to see if a different number has worked for people and the logic behind the numbers that are used.


I personally think three flags is best, but it depends on a lot of factors, such as the size of your community. If you have a relatively small community, then two flags may be best. But if it is larger, then maybe more than three.

It also depends on how many moderators you have too. If you only have a few, then maybe lower that benchmark. If you have a lot, maybe raise it.

All in all however, every flag ends up in the review queue for staff to look at. You can have one flag on a post, and then a moderator will hide it without reaching the three flag benchmark :slight_smile:

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Somewhere I recall there is a weight option, you can set it so a single flag from a higher trust level member immediately hides a post verses three (or selected) from lower trust members


The settings that we ship with are generally accepted as best practice for most communities. I would only edit them if you have a special use case.


are you guys talking about this setting? did not know this

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That is a slightly different setting to pause a whole topic, not hide an individual post.

The hide post setting they are talking about I believe is “hide post sensitivity,” default for which is “medium.”

There may not be a specific number of flags listed for that because depends on who makes the flag report, a flag from a TL3 has a lot more weight than flag from TL1 user. In fact looks like only one TL3 flag (edit: flag of spam only of new user post) is enough for post to be hidden until mod review with default settings:

There are quite a few various settings that can be adjusted for the flag system.


If you look more closely at the setting description, that one is specifically for TL3 spam flags cast on a new user (TL0) rather than all flags on everyone.

I’m with Hawk on this one. The defaults are the way to go unless you start seeing something you need to deal with/compensate for.