Only register users can see more


At this moment i have a completely closed forum. I like to make it more open.
Everyone can see all the topic titles, but only registered users can see the whole topic and replies.
And if it is possible only users thats post in a certain topic( introduce yourself) first can reply on all topics

Please let me know if this is possible.

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Category permissions are post, reply, read.

There’s not a way to let people see titles but not the posts.

You can configure a category so that people can post, but not reply, but you can’t configure it such that they can post, but reply only after posting (unless, perhaps you created a badge that was awarded when people posted and then that badge was used to assign people to a group).

I think that what you want is to allow people to read without registration, but require them to get an account to be able to post. Sure you’ll be “giving away” your valuable posts for free, but many people won’t want to register until they know that there is enough content to make it worth their time.

Yes, thats what i want. I want to tease them a little bit :wink:

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Actually, that’s the default. Just turn off the “make them log in” setting.

sorry, i want them only to see the first post of each topic and not the whole topic.

Oh. Sorry. I missed that. That’d require a plugin. Or be impossible.

Discourse encourages people to register with messages about how it’ll remember what they’ve read and such. In my experience, even being able to “like” stuff that I’ve seen is impetus to log in. I will almost never log in to a site where I can’t see anything.

Easiest way is to use CSS, I believe there is an example somewhere on this forum, but you would do something like

.anon .post-stream .topic-post:not(:first-child) { display:none; }
.anon .post-stream .small-action { display:none; }
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no problem.
We have a Private Community for experienced store owners. All members are required to own or work for a 5 or 6 figure store to join.

Is this still not possible ?

This is not on our roadmap, and frankly, I think it never will.

You can put a proposal+budget on #marketplace for a custom plugin.