Allow to hide part of a post content with "login to see" or "reply to see" function


Is there a function or plugin that allows to hide part of a post content (not the full post) to the non-logged-in users? or to users who have not replied?

Thank you.

You can show name of a topic and hide topic itself showing request to login, but I don’t know any ready-to-use solutions hide only partially.

This is doing almost wanted, but then all categories should be with limited access. But that you are looking for.

If so how could anyone reply ever then? It would hide that topic then for everyone but OP.

Thanks for the reply. I’d like to try that.

What I wanted is just to hide some key information password for example from the topic, so it doesn’t affect the accessbility to the topic. Still, everyone can reply to it just like any other topic :wink: