Registering ember classes in a theme

I’ve just ported an old plugin to a theme-component. It had both an Ember service, and a component. The current plugin API has a modifyClass function, but no way to register new classes (as far as I can tell).

I created this function, mimicking the existing modifyClass function (example use here):

    function registerClass(resolverName, definition) {
        const alreadyRegistered = Discourse.hasRegistration(resolverName)
        if (alreadyRegistered) {
            console.warn(`"${resolverName}" is already registered`);
        Discourse.register(resolverName, definition)

Is this the correct approach to be taking? And if so, is this something that could be added to the plugin API?

If so I will submit a pull request :slight_smile:


I think it makes sense to add this to the API, @eviltrout should make the call.


The reason there’s no API to do this is classes are expected to be exported by files with their names.

Discourse.register might work most of the time, but I bet there’s code out there that expects files to exist in the requirejs.entries and other directories.

Is there no way for a theme to include named files @sam?