Registration process with 2 e-mail addresses

Looking to set-up a closed/private discourse-site.
Registration process should be as follows:
step 1: go to forum-site and click on “ask for an invite”
step 2: wannabe-user has to enter 2 e-mail-addresses

  • n° 1 (= very specific e-mail-domain which is owned only by my target audience) => verification code/link is sent to this address to verify they really belong to my target audience
  • n° 2 = e-mail-address which CAN be same as e-mail-address n°1 but can also be another address. Why ? Because not everyone from my target audience wants to use their unique professional e-mailaddress for receiving forum-communication.

After verification, e-mail-address n°1 is no longer used/can be deleted from database.
Any suggestions on how the above could be realised with Discourse ?

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You might be able to turn on must_approve_users and auto_approve_email_domains. I think that would let people get logged in initially and then change their address after they’ve logged in.

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