"Regular mode" for admins and moderators (e.g. something like "sudo")

I strongly recommend trusting the opinions of the people who wrote and live in that code :wink:


Again, very fair! Sorry, I didn’t mean to doubt your expertise. It’s more than I keep feeling like I’m not explaining what I’d like clearly enough.


Here’s another situation where I’m finding this frustrating:

Trouble trying to propose a common bug

Here, a user is reporting a workflow problem with the interface. It’s really troublesome for me to try to replicate this, because my always-on admin access means that I’m not constrained by the permissions that workflow depends on anyway.

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Another example case. Here, a user is noting that they are getting an unhelpful error message while trying to post to a category which it turns out they don’t have permissions to post to. Since I do have those permissions as site admin, I can’t reproduce directly.

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What’s your current workaround for the lack of this feature, @mattdm?

In the past, I’ve used a separate account with a + address to log in and see the world through non-admin eyes (bonus: since I rarely had to do that, I’d also get the activity summary periodically for that user to keep an eye on what that looks like).


I have a test account that I log into in situations where I need to try something out, and I log into that using a private browser window. That is always possible, but I think there’s a lot of cases where I’d just notice things if my access were “regular” by default.

It also doesn’t prevent me from accidentally violating constraints I set up on purpose (like the tag rules, or posting in categories which are supposed to be read-only).

The other alternative — making my main account be a regular account and having a separate admin one — would solve that, but in practice be a hassle, and also I’d miss notifications for flags and for private messages.


Instead of this, have you considered using the test account in a browser you don’t regularly use? Then it can just stay logged in. For example I have the following:

Chrome: Admin(my main use)
Edge: Test User
Firefox: Used to Impersonate specific users when necessary

That works as long as there is no browser dependent issues to solve out. For me and in my world that is such fast fix than using PM as a draft container — yes, it works, kind of, but it is not nice and stylish solution for an user.

Draft question was easy: there is technical limits and can’t be done other way. Is there something similar with that question? Because if not I don’t understand why this is still open topic. I understand totally if there isn’t enough time and manpower to code it, but even then it would be nice to hear it.

My solution is opening profile of my test user and fast login that way. But because I can’t reverse back to my admin account I have to logout. That is not bigger issue, but unnecessary trip — well, DiscourseHub is somekind issue because it can’t natively use SSOs like Google, Microsoft etc.

Since this topic came up again, I split this out into a separate discussion: Request: make category tag rules / restrictions apply to moderators too