Regularly move a topic to the top

How is it possible to regularly move a topic to the top (of all topics - meaning category-wide). I mean I can pin a topic (in a category and on a “global” level), but what do I do, if I want to have a topic let’s say every Monday on the top of all topics (or let’s say just after the pinned ones). I am also fine, if there isn’t an automatized solution, but that I have to move it every Monday there. (A not so nice solution would be, if I have to post something every Monday to make this happen.)
Thanks for your suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess you can make a CRON task and edit the update date of the topic through discourse api.

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Can you explain your use case? I’m genuinely curious to know why you want to “force” pin a topic every Mondays.

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Because like this the users really see it (also new users) and it does not always move down (on a global level), if nobody comments etc. However, the topic is also not that important that we want to globally pin it.

But don’t worry anymore, we found a work-around-solution (by just weekly commenting (and deleting it again). :wink:

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Well, pinned topic will automatically be unpinned once the users have read the whole topic so they aren’t constantly bothered with the same pinned topics.

They can also manually unpin it if they want to.

Rather than annoying your users every week, I would just pin to topic and let Discourse automagically handle it :wink:


I like how pinned topics behave in Discourse and I think it does the job well.
That said, if you were using a CRON task you wouldn’t need to comment and delete the topic every week.

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