Reinstall of Server

If I reinstall my Ubuntu 22 LTS & do a fresh Docker Install, with the Same $sub.$ etc , will the Let’s Encrypt moan that it is the Same ? Will it Stop the Install ? I’m thinking of doing this :thinking:
Any thoughts ?
Thank-You :smiley:

Not answering your main question: be sure to take a backup, check that it’s correct and complete, and have it stored in at least two places, before proceeding!


Why do you want to reinstall?

If you reinstall on the same server, there should be no issue if your server has the same IP (if not the case, you should make your DNS point with the new IP). There shouldn’t be any issue with let’s encrypt, unless you’re 1 query close to hit their limit rate when you build Discourse.


I’ll leave as it is now then. No need to Reinstall , as per Advise :smiley:

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