Remember username when toggling reply mode

(Christoph) #1

I find the new reply mode toggle feature very useful but one thing bothers me: when I switch to PM, I have to manualy enter the username of the person I’m replying to. It would be great if discourse would take care of that automatically.

Even better would be if it also populated the PM-title with something like “Your post in <topic title>”…

(Jeff Atwood) #2

You mean when you begin the reply by pressing the Reply button on an individual post? Makes sense, if the username is already available in the composer metadata. Can you take this @joffreyjaffeux?

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #4

I don’t understand what’s not working, this seems to work:

Also I don’t agree on the title suggestion. What we are doing today of putting it in the body seems better to me. As I might want to have a different title, but there’s a low chance I wouldn’t want this to appear in the body.

(Christoph) #5

Okay, it took me a while to figure that one out cause I was certain that I repeatedly had to fill in the username manually: the issue exists only when replying to the first post.

Yes, I think the current practice of putting a reference into the body is good and should not be changed. The reason why I would like to also have he title populated is simply that I can’t submit the message if the title field is empty. If I’m not happy with the default title, nothing will stop me from changing it but most of the time it would simply be a convenient time saver.

(Christoph) #6

Another thing I quickly want to mention is that I just lost my draft for the preceding post when I navigated to a different topic and tested a reply to OP there. When I came back to this topic to continue composing the post, I still had the test post from the other topic and could not get the one from this topic to show. When I abandoned the one that was showing, there was no more draft at all.

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #7

It’s not technically a reply-mode bug. If you press two times the “reply” button, you will see that the second time will show OP user avatar in the composer.

I’m unsure if this behaviour is intentional?

(Jeff Atwood) closed #8