Remote animated PNG lose their animation

APNG animations don’t play in Discourse when hotlinked:

They also lose their animation after they are downloaded to the server if download remote images to local is true.


Discourse doesn’t support APNG. The only animated image formats we support are GIF, WEBP and AVIF.

If someone wants to work on this you will need to patch both core, as we skip many image optimizations for animated images, both in front-end and in the backend, and write a binary APNG detector in the fastimage library.

Moving to feature request and adding pr-welcome.


Just found out that Steam is using APNG for their animated stickers, another indicator that we should add support for it.


Can you share some APNGs you have so I can test this feature?

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I worked on initial support for FastImage in my PR:

When/If this gets merged Discourse will automatically support animated PNGs.