Remove additional login options when redirecting to welcome modal from OIDC

Use Case

There’s a great use case to keep auth skip create confirm disabled when using OIDC so that you can collect additional information from your user that your OIDC integration doesn’t collect. For example, our OIDC gets their email, username, and name.

I’ve chosen to disable auth overrides name so that our users can choose a different full name locally if they’d like (and change it later if they want without dealing with our OIDC integration). Great foresight to include these overrides.

I’d also like to collect some additional information from them that’s relevant to my community but not to their broader use of their OIDC account. For example:

  • Preferred programming languages
  • What kind of forum user are they (noob, power user, etc.)


The UX issue is that when an account is created via the OIDC integration, and you’re kicked back over to Discourse, you’re met with this screen:

The issue with this is that they just created their account via the OIDC integration. The option to sign in on the right creates a confusing path for many users who just don’t know better…and we all know that if users can do something wrong, they will:


Preferred Outcome

It would be great if we could just…hide that login option on the right since it’s irrelevant to the user, in this place, at this time.