Remove discourse droplet completely so that i am not charged

(Hitesh Bhasin) #1

Dear Team,

Your forum is fantastic but my site right not is very small and not likely to generate traffic for a forum. At such a time, the monthly 10 dollar charges mean 120 dollars a year with very low ROI.

So how do i delete the discourse forum completely? And how to i remove the Discourse droplet so that i am not charged for the same?


(John Muhl) #2

From DigitalOcean click on the instance you want to delete. Then choose destroy from the left side menu and click the big delete button.

(Hitesh Bhasin) #3

Thank you so much @johnmuhl - This was really fast and helpful.

And thank you discourse team for this amazing forum. God knows, the day i cross around 5 lakh users, i will definitely build a forum.


(RĂ©gis Hanol) #4