Uninstall Discourse

(Ek) #1

I installed Discourse via the one-click Docker Digital Ocean install. The email isn’t working so I’m thinking of starting over.

What’s the safest, most hassle-free way to uninstall Discourse without messing up my Digital Ocean root and IP?

(Bhanu Sharma) #2

Go to digitalocean account,
In the droplet settings there will be an option to destroy

Under it there will be a menu to reinstall other OS
Instead of one click app, choose Ubuntu 18.04

(Ek) #3

Thanks! So that should delete my Discourse build?

(Bhanu Sharma) #4

That will format your server with a fresh OS without changing your IP or droplet size.

(Ek) #5

Ok great, but what will happen to my Discourse instance?

(Bhanu Sharma) #6

It will be gone forever. You will have to install again following the official 30 minutes install guide.

(Ek) #7

You’re the best my friend

(system) #8

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