Remove Limit for Voting

It seems there is a hardcoded limit for the number of votes allowed per category. I want to allow users to vote once for each topic. Thus, it should not matter how many times they have cast a single vote for a single topic in the same category.

It’s too limiting to impose a vote limit per category because then it forces users to unvote topics that they previously voted for to vote for a new topic that they like. The idea behind voting should be to have cumulative votes that stay forever. Then, one can even sort topics in a category by votes.

How can I simply remove this limit so it’s 1 vote per topic?


No the idea of voting is that you have a finite resource and have to decide which matters most. If you want something that can be used on any topic indiscriminately then maybe consider extending likes.

If you can check every mark on a ballot, then all numbers are artificially inflated. In turn the difference in response rates between options is drastically reduced.

Think of a vote as a currency. Encourage your users to spend it wisely.

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You could always change these values


@Stephen I understand your point. However, the reason I liked “Votes” as opposed to “Likes” was primarily that they could be seen outside of a topic. That is, a user could visit a category and see a topic list, and then see which topics have more or less votes. If I could show “Likes” in the Topic List without having the user visit the Topic to see it, then I would prefer Likes.

Rather, I can only see 3 things in the Topic List - Views, Replies, and Activity. If I could add Likes to that, then would be perfect.

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Seems like this might be useful then:

A good demonstration of how flexible Discourse can be. This will let you raise the visual prominence of likes, instead of attempting to misuse voting.


Thanks, seems it is exactly what I needed!