Remove 'messages' link when viewing other person's profile when an admin?

I’ve never really been comfortable with the idea of it being so easy to view member’s messages, so was wondering if anyone else thinks we should just remove the link from the profile? If an admin needs to view suspicious activity or to investigate abuse, they can always login to that user’s account and view them that way.

Ideally there would be a log of this and with a reason required before the system allows the messages to be viewed… but I’d be happy with the former option if it’s easier.

What does everyone else think?

Did you turn on the log PM visits by staff site setting? I’d do that first.

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Ah nice I did not know we had that option. Do you think it might be nice to have a message show asking the Admin user to confirm they wish to view that person’s messages while mentioning that such requests are logged?

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Not really, no. I do not.