Were "Messages" from User Profile Page removed?

I have just noticed that the “Messages” link from the User Profile page was removed.

New layout

Was it moved or completely removed?


Do you know if the enable personal messages setting is enabled on the site? If so, does your user have the trust level that is set by the site’s min trust to send messages setting? If both of those conditions are met, the Messages link should be displayed.


Yes and yes. I forgot to mention that I’m talking about the Messages link on the user’s profile of other users while being logged in as administrator.


I just tested this on my own site. When logged in as an admin, if the enable personal messages setting is disabled, the Messages link is not shown on either my profile page, or on the profile page of any user’s preferences pages that I visit. I am not sure if this is a recent change or not.

As an admin, it’s possible to visit a user’s messages page by typing the messages URL directly into the browser’s address bar. For example, for a user with the username ‘simon’, I can access their messages at /u/simon/messages, even if the enable personal messages setting is disabled. This makes it seem to me that the Messages link should still be displayed for admins in this case.