Remove page title or category title or site title of the forum from the SEO title or meta title

I use one of the SEO tools to check if there are any issues with a website from the SEO perspective. One of the issues listed is too long title tags. I found out that the majority of them come from the forum. As I can see Discourse adds a category of topics and title of the forum to the SEO title. That’s the reason why many titles of topics exceed 70 characters which are recommended for the title tag.

I would like to exclude category name and title of forum. Regarding the category I found the corresponding option in the settings - topic page title includes category. However, I haven’t found any option about excluding the title of the forum from the template. Is there any way to make it?


Can you answer this guys ? pls i need it.

We do not have fidelity to control exact generation of page titles, it would require a custom plugin.

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