Remove category names from topic titles

Our SEO vendor has asked that we remove the category names from the SEO title for posts. Is this possible to do within Discourse?

For example:
<post title> - <category> - <forums name>

would go to
<post title> - <forums name>

Sorry I don’t have an answer for your question. Who is your SEO vendor?

MKG Marketing. I’m on the engineering team, and our marketing team works with MKG. We use Google Webmaster Tools and are updating our internal site search for our website to use Swiftype. Our goal is to enable the meta template used by discourse to be edited so that the content is identically routed appropriately to all search engines.

I think I found my own answer - there’s an admin setting in Other for “topic page title includes category” - I have deselected this, and I am imagining that it isn’t retroactive.