Remove 'Send PM' flag option

Hi, After the latest update, we’ve had a function appear when flagging a post that allows the person flagging to DM the original poster. Is there a way to turn this option off?

Hello Rebecca :wave:

Are you talking about this feature?

Yes that’s the one. Our community is closed and closely moderated so we want to pick up the flags without there being other discussions we can’t see.

There is no specific class to hide this element with CSS. A hacky one would be:

.flag-modal-body > form > div > .flag-action-type:first-child {
    h3:first-child, .controls, hr {
        display: none;

Would this solution solve your issue?

Just to note, that’s not a new feature so it suddenly popping up when it wasn’t there before may be down to a setting change? It’s disabled for any group/trust level that doesn’t have permission to send PMs. You could double check your personal message enabled groups setting to see if that’s as you expect it to be?