How to set which options are available for flagging?

(Paula Kreuzer) #1

…and that’s how I know it from most forums, but on MetaBrainz’ Discourse the message and something else options are missing.

At last for most people.

I’m a member there and don’t have these options a regular says they do have it, but a moderator confirmed he doesn’t.

Where would the admins find the option to change that?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

There is no way to change that, as far as I know, other than CSS hiding the options.

(Paula Kreuzer) #3

So if the admins didn’t do this intentionally this is probably an error caused by some other CSS customization they did?

(Freso) #4

I’m the moderator in question, and I am in fact not just a moderator, but the main admin of the site, if that makes any difference.

@codinghorror What CSS would I be looking for?

Another option maybe: we have user-to-user messaging turned off for the forum (for a couple of reasons), could this be the reason?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Aha, good catch. With PMs disabled that would indeed remove the user to user PM and the user to staff PM options from the flag dialog.

(Freso) #6

Well, I guess that’s one mystery solved then. Thanks @codinghorror!