Remove topic timeline navigation on mobile

Perhaps the attempt to show the current page post number there at the bottom should be abandoned. It’s just too tough to program. I haven’t seen it done anywhere else except for reading some pdfs.
For instance here we see that there’s just this tiny little bit left at the top of post number one. But that’s what the counter still says. No I don’t have the solution. All I can say is forget the experiment entirely.

You’re probably wondering if I think it should say we’re now looking at post number two? Well we’re looking at post number three also so it’s a big debate. So I think probably just forget it entirely and rip that piece of numbering software right out of the program.
Maybe just leave the informal non-exact blue background progress bar though.

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That box is how you access the topic timeline on mobile devices so is unlikely to be ripped out entirely. :slight_smile: It is very useful for navigating larger topics, especially on smaller devices. If you tap on it you should be able to check it out for yourself. :+1:


It’s one of the best parts of Discourse. You would get lost in a big topic without it.


I think I can say with some confidence that this one is here to stay so I’ll mark this for closing. :+1:


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