Remove "Uploading..." from a newly created / edited post

It happens often that people try to upload multiple images in their post editor at once. If they see a few successfully loaded photos and accidentally don’t check that ALL of them have been uploaded, the post ends up containing something like this:


… that looks like an unclickable unusable link:


It is counter-intuitive in that it is not clear why an image gets converted to a link…

Proposed solution - quick: disable submitting a post while there is at least one image which is still being uploaded.

Alternatively, it would be helpful to at least automatically remove those [Uploading...]() entries of not fully uploaded images from a post. Note: the actual text inside the brackets to check while removing from the post should be internationalized.


We’re already doing this :wink: Posting is disabled while uploading.

I think the issue is

It’s already i18ned :wink: The string is in client.en.yml and is called “uploading”.


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