Usability issue with uploading picture when 'Uploading...' string is edited


I could not see this reported already. I noticed something weird on my forum where a novice user intended to attach a picture but it did not work for her. I think the scenario she hits is:

  1. Hit reply to topic
  2. Attach (from local computer) a largish picture (or be on a slow network like phone)
  3. While the picture is uploading, mess with the ‘[Uploading...]()’ string inside the post editor. For example by accident insert a space so it looks like this ‘[Uploading ...]()’. This is very easy to mess up on a phone for a novice user.
  4. Click the reply button (it’s disabled but just click it)

The post goes through and the picture is missing. I’ve tried on the try env and it looks like this:

The reply button should not work until the picture is attached.

NOTE: Humble suggestions could be to truly disable the onClick event on the reply button until the download is complete or maybe show progress separately from the user editable text.


This used to work. I’ll have a look and see why it isn’t anymore.


@zogstrip maybe bump this up in priority since it was brought up again. We don’t want people posting “Uploading…” in their posts…

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Ok, this is now fixed :banana: