Removing all categories (or just "uncategorized") from hamburger menu

Since my uncategorized topics page is still accessible by URL by ordinary users (it’s now a totally blank page), if I could just remove the Uncategorized link from the hamburger menu I wouldn’t have random users clicking there and getting that blank page. So far the CSS solutions I’ve found have not worked. I’d be fine with removing ALL the category links from the hamburger menu, actually. Obviously, I’ve checked this both from a staff and ordinary user account, and have unchecked the “permit uncategorized posts” setting. Thanks!

To remove only the uncategorized category

.hamburger-panel .category-links .category-uncategorized { display: none; }

To remove all

.hamburger-panel .category-links { display: none; }
.hamburger-panel .panel-body-contents > hr { display: none; }

Works like a charm. Thanks! Will the FAQ (New) eventually timeout on its own?

No, it will not timeout. It will disappear only when the FAQ has been read (scroll all the way down).


Is there a way to start with the above solution to hide all, then specifically display only select categories?

where do i edit this code? non-technical discourse user here!

See Beginner's guide to using Discourse Themes for all the details.

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that did not help me :smiley: I went into the CSS menu and couldn’t find that line of code to edit. Maybe I need to add it somewhere?

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Correct, that line of CSS doesn’t currently exist. You need to add it to your current theme, or a theme component that is included in the active theme.

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