Removing links from emails for staged users

Hi all

We have an internal Discourse instance where sometimes we invite third parties to collaborate on different threads of PMs via email, so these are staged users. They can only respond by email as the forum itself is private and requires login through Google.

When a reply Is sent to the staged user, they still have the option to click on names at both the top and bottom of the email:

I’m looking for a way to remove the link itself, while perhaps maintaining the text? Is this possible, please?

Thanks in advance!

What happens when they click the link?

Hi @codinghorror

They’re prompted to login. Which is fine (does its job), but from a UX perspective, I feel it would be better to just not give them a link to begin with.

That said, I think I’ve found a workaround by editing one of the templates. Not as pretty, but it does work.

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