Can I turn off staged users?

When a person tries to email in a topic, and there is no user with that email address, it creates a staged user. Is there a way to turn off that feature?

It’s causing problems for us at the moment. Example: user clicks over from our app to our discourse instance and their user is created via SSO. Then later, back in our app, they change their email address…but don’t click over to discourse (so the change is not propagated). Then they email in from the new email address, and it bounces back saying they aren’t a recognized user. If the were to then try and click over from our app to Discourse, then confusion would ensue because Discourse can’t update the email address of the original (non-staged) user, because it has since been “taken” by the staged user.

At least, this is my best guess as to what is happening.

I believe that deleting the staged user, and then having the person click back into Discourse will appropriately update their original user to the new email address.

TL;DR: there is no benefit to staged users on our Discourse instance (which is private, and accessed via SSO from another app), and it can cause login/access problems in the case of an email change.


Good idea, what do you think @zogstrip?

I’m cool with adding a site setting to disable staged users, but what should we do when an email arrives with an unknown email address?

  • Reject it?
  • Quote it?
  • Something else?

Reject seems simplest to me?


Just added the “enable_staged_users” site setting :wink:


Amazing - thank you so much!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:


Will this send a reject email if we use this feature? Or just a ignore type situation?

It will send an ignore email (defined by the email_reject_user_not_found string) :wink:


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