Removing Yahoo login from Core, and deprecating OpenID 2.0

This week we will be removing support for Yahoo logins from Discourse.


  1. It gets very little use. Across sites we manage, less than 0.3% of social login attempts are performed using Yahoo

  2. It is the last provider using the OpenID2.0 specification, which has been declared obsolete by the OpenID foundation. It does not have the same security features as OAuth2 / OpenID Connect.

What about users that have already registered using Yahoo?

They can log in with email, log in with another social provider (with a matching email), or use the ‘Reset Password’ button.

But I still want Yahoo login on my forum!

No problem! You can use Yahoo’s OpenID Connect implementation with our OpenID Connect plugin. I’ve added some Yahoo specific instructions to the OpenID Connect setup instructions.

I use OpenID 2.0 in one of my plugins

For now they will continue to work, but will log a deprecation notice. Support will be removed in the next major release. You should look into migrating to a more modern authentication protocol. Our basic OAuth2 and OpenID Connect plugins should be flexible enough for most requirements.


With the next release just around the corner, legacy OpenID 2.0 support has been removed from Discourse core. This wasn’t being used by core or any official plugins, and the deprecation notice has been around since April 2019.

Just in case anyone hasn’t seen the deprecation notice, the database table containing account associations has not yet been dropped. Any attempt to access it via ActiveRecord will raise an exception. It will be dropped before v2.5