Rename "Profile" to "My Posts" on the menu

(Tobias Eigen) #1

I propose changing “Profile” to “My Posts” on the menu. What you get when you click on it is, yes, your profile info across the top but also a feed of your posts. I use it this way all the time.

Meanwhile on our custom navigation menu across the top we have another link to a dashboard on the mother ship website. Over there, on the mother ship member profile page, we also provide a link to the member’s discourse posts (profile).

I know I can hack this using CSS along these lines but I’d prefer this to be localizable and also generally see it as a good idea for discourse, which wants to be widely used to add civilized discussion to communities that also have a main website.

(mountain) #2

I am personally uneasy with that proposal because that would damper my efforts in another idea I had for the profile, and no doubt what others may want to do with their own.

The profile itself is not only posts. Well, it is that way now but I doubt that will be the same way in the future. “My Posts” is too specific, too narrow and will confuse users when the Profile may have things other than their posts in the future due to a new feature (either in the source code via PR or a specific community and their custom plugins).

(Jeff Atwood) #3

I don’t agree with this at all. Sorry.