Rendering math inside polls

Similar issue to this post.

Math does not render inside a poll.

It renders in the compose post screen but not in the poll itself:

Inspect element reveals <span class="math"></span>. Can someone point me in the right direction how to fix this please :slight_smile: ? (Assuming the solution is similar to the above-linked post)


I couldn’t make this work either. Seems like a bug to me.

When adding math formulas to a poll they are rendered correctly in the preview

But not in the post itself:

When inspecting the source code, I saw formulas are rendered in <span class="math-container inline-math mathjax-math"> ... </span> but in the polls, formulas are rendered in <span class="math"> ... </span>. If I test it in safe mode (with plugins disabled) all formulas are rendered in <span class="math"> ... </span>. Which makes me think the math plugin doesn’t work with the poll plugin.

As an alternative, you could put your formulas outside the poll, and then reference them in the poll like so:

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I don’t know if math markup is supported inside polls @sam.

Yeah I do not think we built support for it. I guess PR welcome to get this working.

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