Reorder / adjust category listings and set fixed category positions

By default, Discourse categories are ordered by activity. Categories with recent posts will be at the top of your categories page, and at the top of the main navigation category dropdown. If you would like the order of categories to be fixed, instead of having the order change based on activity on the site, here’s how to to do it.

Enable the fixed category site settings

There are two site settings that affect the order of categories: fixed category positions and fixed category positions on create. Both of these settings are disabled by default.

Enable the fixed category positions setting if you would like to be able to set the order of that categories appear in on your Categories page and in the main navigation category dropdown.

If you would like the category order that you have set to be used in the composer’s category selector, you also need to enable the fixed category positions on create setting.

Reorder the categories

Make sure you are logged into Discourse as an admin, then go to your site’s Categories page and click the Categories admin dropdown menu. From that menu, select the “Reorder Categories” option:

Use the Up and Down arrows to reorder your categories:

Click the Save button to keep your changes.

After having reordered the categories, you may need to do a hard refresh on your browser window to see the updated order:

If you have enabled the fixed category positions on create setting, you will also see the order of your categories applied to the composer’s category selector:


Hi @Antony_UK :slight_smile:

I think @awesomerobot meant that if you go to your /admin/site_settings page you can then use the search box to enter all or part of a site setting. It’s really useful for pulling up the one you want without having to go through all the other settings. :+1:

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