Replacing custom gif image results in old gif appearing in admin page

Seems very similar to this issue but a little different case. Uploading a custom emoji in /admin/customize/emojis seems to retain old emoji image in admin screen, after deleting and overwriting with a different image.

Reproduction: Upload custom emoji. Delete custom emoji. Upload different emoji image under the same name. Original emoji character will appear. Observed in v1.5.0.beta10 +44

Expected: On upload of a different emoji image, have the newly uploaded appear as the image.

I suspect cache validation is at play here ā€“ the updated emoji works great in the forum at large, and the updated appear as expected in the admin page on refresh, so Iā€™d consider this pretty minor. However, it can be confusing to admins when replacing emoji sets.

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I have created a pull request for this issue.