Issues with custom emoji

I’ve uploaded four custom emoji. Emojii? All are GIFS.

  • /admin/customize/emojis shows an image for one of the four. It’s the animated GIF. The image location is showing /uploads/sqlteam/_emoji/sniped.gif for one that doesn’t display. The one that does display has the same folder.

  • Two of the four emoji work in posts – meaning :emoji: brings up a preview. Two don’t. The URL for those that work is similar to

I’m on v1.3.0.beta9 +45.

Any ideas on this @zogstrip?

All the emoji are now usable. It just took a while for them to propagate through the system I guess.

However /admin/customize/emojis still only shows one of the four.

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All four are now working and showing up. Sorry, we had a cache invalidation issue that has since been fixed.