Replacing Slack by Discourse


  1. Discourse as a private email support portal

It’s an amazing replacement for email groups (if that’s what you mean)


  1. Task manager within Discourse?

Can be done already with stable plugin

  1. Using discourse as ticket system, so no balls are dropped woman_juggling

Can be done already with stable plugin

  1. Tickets Plugin tickets

Yes this one :slight_smile:


  1. Favorites - select your favorite categories

I’m personally working on this plugin which is presently broken. Would appreciate some additional pledges to deliver this to the community.

  1. Let users configure categories for /Latest

See favourites above, same thing? (Sorry no time to dig on this right now)

  1. A more social Discourse layout

Consider the plugin I support (with @angus) - Topic List Previews.

I would like to know how stable it is.

Very. In two years of running Discourse sites I’ve had < 3 outages over 3 sites which didn’t last for more than 30 mins each, and those were due to an error on my part. Rock Solid.

It is reliable and reasonable option to cover a workflow as below:

1. Initiate conversation with person/entity xyz
-> Create discussion in discourse
-> discourse sends email to xyz
-> email should show senders as Name.Surename@community…
2. answered will added to the discussion
-> allowing xyz to enter the discussion on our discourse would be appreciated
3. resulting task(s)
-> assign to community members
-> add to calender (meeting, due date …)
-> all tasks/tickets need to visible to all community members

I’m pretty sure this can all be done right now.

My suggestion is … try it

It is very low risk to spin up a sandbox in a VPS and start configuring it the way you want things to work.

Your greatest cost will be time (but getting a basic working instance up takes surprisingly little time - less than an hour?)

You can then evaluate it yourself and then with your team and stakeholders and check off all of your combined requirements.

Imho - go for it! Given what you have written I don’t see significant show stoppers, least of all for a feasibility analysis.

There is huge platform, community and dev support here and if you are well funded getting anything customised will be no problem at all.