Reply box is initially too large on mobile

When you first start a reply on mobile, the box is too big. This makes it so you can’t easily click the preview button in its new location (or the other buttons in the row). I’m using iPhone 8, latest iOS, with the stock iOS English keyboard.

Reply box right after clicking reply to an existing post:

After closing and reopening the keyboard:

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I can reproduce this on Meta…

There’s something inconsistent happening. I see the problem if I click reply and the input gets focus right away, but often after clicking reply the input isn’t being focused… seems like something may have regressed?


Oh now I know why I never notice this, I use the app and we have enough extra space in the app never to notice this issue if it even happens.

Thinking out loud here…

On iOS 13 with visual viewport api we are going to be able to eliminate the entire ugly iOS hack (and much of the iOS physical keyboard hack)

In the interim I guess we can adjust some numbers in the hack.

The last changes in the safari hack file came from @joffreyjaffeux who added mutation observer and shuffled a bit, can you investigate this Joffrey and see if you can repro and correct it?

Another thing to think about is that we can live in the future with the app, cause it can simply provide a simulation API so we get a non hacked up pixel perfect fit. Not saying we do this right now @pmusaraj but something to think about depending on how good visual viewport api ends up being.


The only annoying thing with visual viewport is that it’s not going to be “polyfillable”, and will only be iOS 13+

So will still be a fair amount of time before we can use only this.


The app can polyfill it, but this is cheating, for sure :crazy_face:

So is this going to be addressed (if simple) before iOS 13 or are you going to wait until then?

Wait at least till 13 imo for a proper fix, we may be able to get a hack in place prior


Okay, thanks for the update.