Minor reply box issues on mobile

I noticed two issues for the first time today related to the reply box. I’m pretty sure both of these issues are new. I’m not sure if #ux is the right category to put this, but nothing is really broken so it felt more appropriate than the #bug category.

The first is just a minor styling issue. Notice that the preview button is a bit close to the border. As far as I can tell, the calendar icon is new, so maybe that pushed it over too far. I’m using a standard size iPhone 8 in portrait mode.

The second issue I’ve never noticed before, and now it’s happening all the time. So I’m fairly certain it’s new, but I can’t say for sure. Basically, when I try to scroll the emoji dialog, if I touch the screen on an emoji it can’t scroll. It only lets me scroll if I happen to touch the screen between one of the emojis.


Preview button spacing is definitely odd cc @awesomerobot

Can you repro the other issue @joffreyjaffeux?

There is a divider there, but some resolutions & screen width combos eat it. Will fix.


The new dates button also pushes the preview button off-screen on the tiniest mobile devices (320px wide). I can fix that while I’m at it.



We also have upload twice, in the bar and in the bottom right. Removing from the bar can give it some much needed space.


Spacing/divider fixes here