"Reply" button appears even on closed topics when logged out

I’ve just noticed that on closed topics the Reply button still appears. I’m on 2.8.0.beta7.

I’ve checked while logged in as admin, and logged out, and the Reply button is still there. Then I used a different browser, cleared all cookies, and it’s the same. I’ve logged in as a TL1 user and the Reply button disappears but when I log out again it’s there again.

It seems likely that Discourse has a clever way of knowing the forum administrator has logged in from this computer… but, if not, is there some setting I should change?

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Hand you tried safe mode?

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As an admin or a moderator the Reply button is still visible because these users are able to reply to a closed topic. I’ve have 2 mods go back and forth with several posts each before one realized the topic was closed - and they wouldn’t get any replies from other users. :laughing:

That’s exactly what happens - no matter if an admin or mod logs in from a PC or mobile. However, I have not checked to see if the reply button still shows for archived topics or not seeing that as of now we don’t have any archived topics. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I believe that this is normal behaviour. When clicked it shows users the sign up/login modal. So I assume it’s there as a reminder. “Hey if you want to participate you need to login.”


You are absolutely right! If I look at a random closed topic here – [discourse-docker] Support linux/arm64 platform - feature - Discourse Meta – while logged in, there is no “Reply” button, but when I log out a “Reply” button appears just after the “CLOSED 38 MINS AGO” message.

It would make more sense for no “Reply” button to appear while logged out for any closed topic. I imagine that the chance of confusing a new user (who cannot reply) by having a “Reply” button is greater than the chance of confusing an experienced user (who can reply) by not having it.

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