Reply button appears in locked topics to anon users

so when viewing a locked topic in anonymous user mode, one can still see a reply button at the bottom (which is really a disguised sign-up button i suppose). i mean it’s cool that it pops up the sign-up modal to get the user to sign up, but IMHO, it is deceiving for someone who wants to reply to that topic thinking they can, then sign up and go to it only to find it locked with no reply button. my view is that closed topics should look closed even to anonymous users. :woman_shrugging:


so this is a bit more buggy than i first realized - on safari iOS ipad in desktop view

logged in user view of locked topic:

anon user view - notice the text of at the bottom of the timeline scroller on the right? it’s overlapping on the reply button that shouldn’t really be there.

i’ve posted the reply button overlap as another bug because it happens in unlocked threads too