'reply by email address' with Office 365

Initially we were using Gmail to send all emails. Once it was up and rolling, we needed something that could send more. Setup Office 365 and the SMTP works fine. It was like that for months, working fine. Recently I found that the "“reply by email address” setting was still set to Gmail…


I wanted to standardize it by switching it to the Office 365 address. The issue is that the + doesn’t work with Office 365 like it does with Gmail. I tried without it and I get this…


I tried it with + but it just bounces…

…or fails…

I setup communications@ourdomain.org for the regular outgoing, and then replies@ourdomain.org (an alias of communications@ourdomain.org for incoming. I can’t seem to find a combination that will work. Am I trying the impossible or just missing something? I’ve read several of the other threads but I’m still not seeing a solution that fits my situation. Any help would be much appreciated.

If Office 365 doesn’t support plus email addressing, you’ll need to contact them about that.


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Just in case someone goes looking for this, plus addressing is possible in office 365 since Sept 2020:

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