Reply by email on a multisite install (same mailbox)


We have a multisite install and we are currently testing the reply by email feature of Discourse.

It would be really great if when polling the provided mailbox using POP, Discourse would effectively filter emails using the reply_key provided in the site settings (reply by email address param).

This way, it would allow to use a single mailbox for multiple forums as long as the reply_key used on the forum is unique by forum.

What do you think ?

To be more accurate, the question is on filtering on the mask defined into parameter “reply by email address”

For example, if we have this value in parameter “reply by email address”
We should only poll emails that match
as recipient address

So with several discourses, i would be able to use the same emailbox (but different email aliases) using a different value for “reply by email address”. For exemple:

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Each site needs its own mailbox.

If this is a feature request (oh, that’s where you put it) that multiple sites could use the same mailbox, it’s just not a good idea. It’s would very difficult to engineer and mailboxes are cheap.

If what you’re looking for is a way to automate what mailbox each multisite site is using, then you need a plugin.

My inboxes basically stay empty, so storage is not a concern; mailboxes are cheap.

Are you trying to automate new sites by just point a new alias at the inbox?

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