Reply reminder - Remind users to reply to questions

Keep the conversation going within a community…

… remind users to reply to questions in topics they have participated in.


  • you get a reply
  • or the post under yours in a topic “asks a question” (ends a sentence with a question mark “?”)


  • you haven’t replied to that topic since that post


  • display a reminder or suggestion to continue the conversation - or you may have forgotten to reply to.

This feature may have to be more intelligent - but that explains the basics.

Perhaps when you have no notifications this could be displayed.

This could also work well for Private Messages and possibly be included in periodic emails, items that are more specific to a user are more likely to drive users back to a community.


Why is this feature needed?

When someone quotes, mentions or replies to me, I get a notification. When I haven’t replied after clicking the notification, wouldn’t it be right to assume that I do not wish to continue that particular discussion?

Nevermind that the question I should have replied to doesn’t necessarily have to be at the end of the post. And how would you even handle a post ending with an interrobang‽

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I am uneasy with attaching special magic to ? it seems odd.


When is a reminder a nag?

As Staff at my forum I make my best effort to participate in discussions, especially when I am explicitly mentioned.

But there have been a few times when I have said everything I could say in every way I could think of, and if a member has a problem but refuses to accept or even try my offered solution(s) I sometimes see no use in reiterating to deaf ears.

Cold? Perhaps, but nobody, not even Staff, is obligated to participate in a discussion. We do so voluntarily not out of obligation.


I arrived here looking for a reminder plugin. Looks like the thread is really old, so maybe this is i implemented in a new plugin or feature…

In my case, I need a reminder plugin to add a list of topics to my “respond to this later” list, similar to the /remind function of slackbot. This would be a kind of “self-assigning” reminder - you are only reminded of things which you yourself have asked to be reminded of. Kind of like bookmarks, but with a date attached.

Why don’t bookmarks work? They have a date of bookmark.

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Hi @codinghorror and thanks for the response to such an old topic. Bookmarks have the date when they were bookmarked, but I need a future date at which a PM or Notification will be sent to me, reminding me of that topic and the fact that I need to address it. I am way out of my depth here, but it feels like there could be a sidekiq job to send these notifications, if they could be included in the user’s bookmarks metadata in some way.

I don’t oppose a dialog that pops up when you bookmark offering to remind you, but it feels much more like a plugin than something that should be default on for everyone.


Another thing that might help is some ability to sort bookmarks.

gb … bookmarks are sortable :slight_smile:


I have never seen that page before.

The gb keystroke takes me to:
The bookmark icon in my user menu takes me to: Profile - elijah - Discourse Meta

They have completely different interfaces.

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Personally I much prefer the topic list interface cause it is far more compact and sortable, plus its not on the user page so information density is much higher.

But yeah we need to normalize these 2 somehow.

Topic list interface does allow you to sort by category, sort by oldest newest, number of replies, views and so on. It is in many ways a much richer interface if you have lots of bookmarks.

I’ve been a Discourse user for 3+ years and active for about two years. How was I meant to discover that view without typing gb?

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It’s an edge of the system, very few people use bookmarks, of the people who do very few need access to this kind of rich interface. The topic list interface does not show PMs which is a hole, and does not allow you to sort by the date that you made the bookmark which may bug some people.

We do want to normalize this and will get to it eventually.


Hi all,

yesterday I saw

This satisfies my needs. Nay, this really fills a gap I had been sweating over with our community. Hats off to you guys, once more.


Glad to hear it! @tgxworld has improvinated it even more since then, even :wink:

(weekend doesn’t appear as an option right now because it’s Friday…)


Is this reminder feature available to normal users? I think that might have some value in our case.


Right now it is only for staff.

Is topic timer available (even to staff) in any category? I have used it to schedule posts in a staff-only category, but don’t see it as an option in regular categories…

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